v3.1 – 3.12.16
-Added LP Vol Media Mod (activated via Tweaks App)
-Added Battery Options Mod (stock, %, hide…activated via Tweaks App)
-Added Brightness Slider Mod (activated via Tweaks App)
-Insecure boot.img
-Updated APM (adds msg, “Rebooting to Recovery”)
-Updated SuperSU v2.65 for chmod 751 on /su/bin (for Android Pay)
-Removed standalone % on clean flash
-Removed Ambient Display (too many issues)

v3.0 – 2.10.16
-update to 3.41.651.4 Android 6.0 Marshmallow!!!

v2.3 – 10.15.15
-updated boot.img for init.d scripts
-added tweaks script (fstrim, zipalign)
-fixed lock icon on QS (correct size)
-updated Settings for BadBoyz Modz (link to webpage)
-added LP back kill & LP vol mod
-added ambient display
-removed BB Modz app from app drawer (use app in Settings)

v2.2 – 9.11.15
-rebased to 2.11.651.19

v2.1 – 7.10.15
-re-deodexed to fix timepicker & apps not installing
-fixed QS option on HS menu
-removed power saver icon
-optional color nav bar mod
-added auto-start manager
-added in call recording

v2.0 – 7.3.15
-Android 5.1

v1.1 – 4/29/15
-Added Homescreen menu
-Added Download mode on APM
-Added BadBoyz Tweaks app (in Settings)
-Added Ambient Display (notifications only)
-Removed /carrier/itson
-Fixed Power Settings %

v1.0 – 4/15/15
-initial release