Basic Theming of icons for Android Kit Kat Lollipop

I sometimes like to change up some of the basic icons that come with the HTC Sense UI.
This will give you a good idea of the basics for changing colors, swapping a stock icon for a custom icon using 7zip and any photo editor of your choice. I use photoshop C4 but there are free editing programs available like gimp,and many online editors.

Some basic knowledge of adb so you can push the modded apk to your system. I will also include a flashable zip so you can place the apk include the appropriate folder and flash in recovery.

I won’t be going into details on how to use 7zip or your photo editor. I assume you have basic knowledge and if not always remember that Google is your friend.

1. Use 7zip right click the apk and drag the res folder into a folder of choice for editing.
2. In the res folder look for the drawable-xxhdpi folder which is where most icons will be stored
3. Edit your png to your liking
4. Open your apk again with 7zip and drag the res folder back in to the apk and Bingo !!

You can either push the apk with adb or use a flashable zip and flash in TWRP.

You can also use VRTheme to flash your edited png’s by placing them in the appropriate folder

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